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    About Us

    Walk into any midwest home and chances are Mason City Tile & Marble Co. had a hand in the flooring.

    This fall, Deb and Reinhold Speckmeier, owners of Mason City Tile & Marble, give do-it-yourselfers more selections with a newly expanded warehouse.

    "We have between 40,000-50,000 square feet of ceramic tile and 500 (carpet) remnants on hand all the time now, and hope to have even more," Reinhold said. "It's a showroom-warehouse atmosphere that people can walk through. Most of our sales come from our own inventory."

    Reinhold came to the United States with his family from Germany as a boy in 1954. They lived in Omaha, Neb., where his father worked as a tile apprentice. In 1965 his parents bought the marble and tile business in Mason City. Reinhold and Deb Speckmeier took over the business in 1993.

    At first the Speckmeiers did more commercial business, but now there's about a 50-50 mix of commercial and residential. "We don't do much marble anymore, like we did 30 years ago," Deb said. "It's more carpeting and ceramics now, because there are so many more reasonably priced choices."

    Mason City Tile & Marble
    1416 18th St. S.W.
    Hours: Monday 8 - 8; Tuesday - Friday 8 - 5


    Color selection may be one of the easiest decisions for you. You know what you have, what you like and what you want the final result to be. When you are ready to go shopping for carpeting, take your knowledge, ideas, measurements and fabric samples, and see what the market has to offer.

    Colors always should be viewed in natural daylight and in artificial light in the space you plan to use the color. Take the carpet samples home to look at them in nightlight as well as daylight, and with your belongings, not the store surroundings. The larger the sample, the easier it will be for you to make a decision.

    Solid colors and light colors tend to make space appear larger, while patterned and dark colors usually make space appear smaller. However, don't let those facts hinder you in doing something you really want to do.

    Soiling shows more readily on white or light yellow carpeting. Medium colors, color blends and patterns are best for disguising signs of use between cleanings. Darker colors tend to show lint and accumulated dust more readily than light or medium colors. Selecting a color value the same as the usual soil in your locality helps keep carpet looking soil-free longer.

    Color is psychologically important. It can affect not only the apparent size of a space, but the temperature and mood of a room. The use of warm or cool colors depends on personal preferences, climate and the orientation of your home. Blues and greens often are preferred in rooms having natural light and southern exposure. Warmer colors may be preferred in rooms having northern exposure and little natural light.

    Dark rooms might be made lighter using the pastel tones of warm or cool colors. Light rooms may be darkened using various shades of colors. Warm colors might be good choices for homes in regions having long, snowy seasons, although cool colors should not be ruled out. Just the opposite applies to using cool colors in regions of great warmth. Don't select carpeting only on the basis of color.